Thoughts on Photo

My creative non-fiction writing teacher had given the students an assignment on what are the first thoughts on it.

My initial thoughts are that it’s a visual representation of how we’re seeing by society if we’re “different”. If we don’t walk along the same path as everyone around us or even have similar interests, then we’re ashamed of it and castrated as “outsiders”. We stand out in a negative way with people eyeing us for being the cog that didn’t fit in their perfectly functional machine.

If you do see yourself as that and people have judged you for it, I’m sorry to hear that. It’s not easy being the odd one in a world where people are trying their hardest to act “normal” even when it’s not comfortable for them. I’d say be yourself. That might be one of the most cliched responses anyone would tell you, but it’s true. Don’t worry about how you’re suppose to act, like, or do in life. Do what you think is right.

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